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Super Festival!

Heritage for Kids


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Super Festival! An event bringing to life the world-recognised heritage sites of Chile for young people was held in the National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA) in Santiago. This festival is the fruit of a collaboration between the Chilean Heritage Organisation – Council of National Monuments (CMN), the Children’s Council and Aldea. Its objective was to celebrate Children’s Day in Chile, the context in which CMN and Aldea designed a series of creative activities that focused on each of the six World Heritage Sites (WHS) declared by UNESCO in Chile. Super Festival also served as the official launch to announce the upcoming first Heritage Day for children, taking place on November 27th 2016.



The celebration of 'Super Festival!' within the MNBA provided the ideal space for multiple activities to take place in parallel via a drop-in format, encouraging families to join in during the day. These activities and 100's of young, imaginative minds explored the stories and unique qualities of the Heritage Sites. Information, resources and interactive materials were available from stations, as a flexible way to interact with the activities. Children participated in building and experimenting with making elements of the heritage collectively. Pre-prepared folding nets, such as the electric cable trolleybus in Valparaiso or a heritage church in the island of Chiloé, served as the starting point for some of the sites, which grew into diverse constructions.


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